Our tunnels are meant to be in-between the competition-grade >$250 ones and the $35 flimsy ones that rip the first time you use them.  These are not a private label of someone else's product, they are 100% our unique design and we are the only manufacturer.

Our material is 420/PA backed Polyester

Our Material is 2x as Strong and Puncture-Resistant

We only use 420D/PA Backed Polyester.  Compared to 210 or 190D unbacked polyester (those are the cheap tunnels that all actually come from the same factory in China but different sellers put their logos on them and call it their own product (true story.))

Shorter Pitch = No Saggy Tunnel (and safer, too!)

'Pitch' refers to the distance between the steel wire (in the black fabric) that gives the tunnel its shape.  Cheap brands have a gaping 19" pitch, which causes the tunnel to sag and is potentially dangerous to your dog to catch on.  We designed out tunnel to have only a 13.5" pitch, which means it doesn't sag.

dog tunnel in backyard

Regulation Size

According to the United States Dog Agility Association USDAA), regulation size for a pipe tunnel is a 24” diameter and a length between 12’ to 20’. Our dog agility tunnel adheres perfectly to these regulations. This ensures a professional, competition-standard product, giving your dog a true agility training experience.